It’s a wrap

2019 has been nothing short of eventful for me.

I observed the downfall of a once-promising start-up from the inside, and I had to drive crisis communications to manage leadership change and organizational movement. Subsequently, I pursued my passion for writing with the launch of my own blog. I also started my own consulting practice, simultaneously built my network in start-up space, while serving as mentor with the SMU start-ups incubator lab…

Here are 8 valuable takeaways

1. Good leaders guide

I have led teams for many years but I continue to learn new things about being a leader.

It’s one thing to lead during peace time, and it’s another when you have to navigate chaos, especially when troubles hit at the start of 2019 for honestbee.

Empathy for my colleagues and the teams under my care are the key drivers for continual effort to guide and provide clarity of directions. Even if it means I had to make judgement calls with very little insights and resources.

2. Everyone can be my teacher

I had the privilege of working with really talent people at the start-ups, both at honestbee and with the start-up founders I mentored. They taught me so much on the latest technology developments, social needs, consumer trends, etc. They inspired me with their resourcefulness, creativity and tenacity.

There are also industry experts and academia whom I have connected with, who generously shared their wisdom and experience.

3. It’s a joy to share

I have always enjoyed sharing my learning and experience through conference keynotes and panel discussions.

Mentoring taking sharing into a different level – the advice for each business and individual varies. I am able to build deeper connection with my audience because it’s more about making my experience relevant for them.

4. Bliss of simplicity

There is too much fluff behind business and marketing jargons. I was thrilled to design and deliver a masterclass for start-up founders which simplifies and gets straight to actions that matter. There are still a lot of opportunities on this front.

5. Being with new start-ups keeps you grounded, and on your toes!

New start-ups have to work with very little resources. They grapple with finding their first customers, bootstrapping and being smart about how to earn the next dollar. This is the test bed for business theory, not just new ideas.

6. Experience life

I have learnt to observe, reflect on and embrace my experience, with my surrounding and with people that I meet. Accumulating experience makes me feel richer as a person, not acquiring things.

7. Changes are inevitable so shall our mindset

We must continue to stay abreast of changes and adopt a growth mindset.  Stay curious and reinvent continuously.

8. Make connections and friendships

Over the last 12 months, my life had been immensely enriched by people from all walks of life. Many have reached out, some of which are new connections who shared similar passions and visions.


it’s been an adventurous 2019 and I have grateful for every part of it.


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