Quite a few people around me have reflected to me that the unfolding events on COVID19 are making them feel pessimistic and depressed.

Some are affected because of work changes and impact on their trades and businesses; Other are concerned with how their ways of life are being affected.

Many feel grim as they do not know when this ordeal will end.

Yes, this is a trying time.

Indeed, we may feel the anxiety of the sense of loss of control. And there are some things we cannot control – what others do, how the virus wreak havoc to the bodies, the speed of infections, etc.

I take a different view.

I believe we have control because we can choose to be in control.

Even when the choices are limited, we always can always choose.

One thing is for sure, we can CHOOSE to control what we can control. We can choose to take ownership for our well-being and be responsible for helping to curb the spread of the virus.We can choose to take defensive and pre-emptive actions.

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