Many people have asked me how I had managed to stay calm and maintain the clarity of thoughts. Especially so, when the world around me is in turmoil.

Indeed, we live in a world where we are constantly bombarded by information and are surrounded by people with different opinions.  These people project their ideals on us, they shape our self-image and influence the choices we made. They can sometimes drown the whispers of our inner voice and dent our confidence.

It is in times like this that we need to learn to be still. Whether it’s about making choices in life, making decisions at work, or leading a flock.

Here are my suggestions:

Practice being alone

When was the last time you granted yourself some quiet, me-time, to listen to the sound of your thoughts?

I love visiting art galleries, libraries and book stores alone. Being there trained me to be quiet and just “talk” to myself.

Others may subscribe to other practices like meditation, journaling, going for a jog, etc.

Traveling alone can be great too. When you do,  you can truly attend to your own needs and preferences. I make a point to do this on a regular basis.

Practice being kind and attentive to yourself.

Ask yourself what truly makes you happy

Ask yourself – Who do you want to be? What is important in your life (not possessions)? What do you love and what are your passions?

We had the answers to these when we were little and we were able to be true to who we are.

Over the years, we are shaped by the world and as we are caught up with many cares and obligations. We gradually lost tracks of what we truly love and how it had changed with time.

This is often the first question I post to those who approached me for career advice.

Seek counsel

I have always advocated open-mindedness, and the merits of embracing new challenges. However, it is equally important to seek proper counsel and listen to your inner voice.

Find the right counsel and talk to people with experience on how they navigate chaos in life.

I have great career mentors and life mentors – these are wise people I look up to who could provide guidance to help me sort out my thoughts; they also gave me rooms to make informed and calculated decisions.

“Can we have a chat?”

I get a lot of requests from friends, peers and colleagues for “chats” to help them sort out their thoughts, and for advice on their careers. I may not always have the right answers but I strive to help them hone their skill in finding their own bearings.

In the midst of helping people find their answers, I often learn a lot about myself. My journey with them brings me to a path of self-discovery.

Do you need a chat?

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