Growing up with a humble beginning, I did not have seniors in the family to give me career advice as I entered the corporate world.

I am, therefore, thankful for the presence of mentors in my life. They made the difference in my life

Building my story

Over the course of my career, I have accumulated lots of interesting experiences and encounters.  The peaks and valleys in my life have made me rich with stories.

There were journeys of growth, self-discovery and triumphs, decorated with fair shares of wrong turns, falls and blunders.

Sharing is bliss

My juniors and peers have approached me for advice in building their career, coping with people and situations.

Even though some of the questions are recurring, I have always enjoyed addressing them.  Being able to give makes me feel rich spiritually.

Many have suggested that I compile my conversations maybe in a book/blog. I felt humble to be accorded with this level of confidence and trust.

In the LIFE section of the chrisspeak blog, I have decided to jot my thoughts in digestible modules for easy 2 to 3 minutes reads.

I would be happy to share my perspectives to help you find your ways in your work/ life. Send me your questions!


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