My first foray into digital was in the mid 90s. Back then, the ad industry was still dominated by offline advertising and digital agencies were still in its nascent stage. My client at Singtel was keen to set up a webpage for their product line but we didn’t have the capability at the agency back then.

I rallied a team of enthusiasts which included a writer, an art director within the agency, and a friend who could code a webpage to make that happen (there was no webpage widget back then).

We produced a simple static site with a handful of pages, which worked very much like a digital brochure.

Within less than a year, we were building the very first web site for Citibank in Singapore.

It was really exciting even though we had very steep learning curve.

Limited resource and experience never stopped me from taking on something new. It all starts with a belief that it can be done.

(This was featured in a Tech In Check interview with the Marketing Magazine in Nov 2018)

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