One Christmas, I decided to get each and every one of my team members a pretty designer notebook. The reason being that I simply loved the array of designs and wanted to grab them all. You see, I have always loved to collect notebooks of different designs – if I were to consume one every month, I would have one to last me for the next two years.

My team took it as mother-Chris reminding them to always bring a notebook to the meeting – Apparently, I had etched in their mind the importance of taking notes.

Some of my junior who turned up at meetings without any note-taking device would be asked, “how are you intending to remember everything?”

Granted you might have great memory.

No matter how good your memory is, do not overestimate your ability to remember things. Here’s why, our ability to remember depends on how we code the information received, we may encounter things we do not understand that requires further clarification and research

Taking notes helps me to focus and it is useful for capturing my thoughts and ideas. It had helped me to hone my skill at listening.

For the same reasons, one of my friends, who works as a lecturer, forbids her students to snap photos of her presentations.

Last but not least, I think it demonstrates your respect for the meeting and for the people who is speaking.

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