I always take notice of job candidates who indicate regular practice of any sports in their resume.

Sporting for good disciplines

Generally, athletes are committed to practice and hone their skill to deliver best performance.

These people have good foundation on a number of disciplines – time management, self-control, and achieving goals.

If one can wake up early and dedicate time to train for their sports, I am confident that they can manage their time and resources well.

Athletes following strict dietary requirements and lifestyle. These demand mental fortitude to strive for performance and physical endurance to train for it.

I was utterly impressed by a friend who trained and endured 15 hours to complete her ironman race. I asked her how it was physically possible. And she said, “it was all in the mind!”

The parallel between sports and work

For both sports and work, it about setting and achieving goals. It needs organization, time management, tenacity and resolute. Just like training for and competing in a marathon or the ironman race.

Having the physical discipline to read, learn and research for proposals, and mental fortitude to press on when things are difficult.

That works for me too

Doing sports and regular exercise taught me the importance of building physical discipline and mental fortitude. I have trained myself to wake up early and commit to regular regimens of exercises throughout my adult life. These days, I still wake up at 6am to hit the gym a few times a week.

Many of the successful people in the world maintain regimen of waking up early to do sports – they must have found the value for doing so.

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