Do you wonder if you had made a bad career choice because your current job looks nothing like your dream job?

I think we are often confused between “career” and “job”.

Put simply, career is a path and the job is just one of many check points on that path.

For our career, we consider what we want to achieve in our living years, and our passions.

It is made up of many check points. We accumulate experiences and build our credentials in order to be ready for the bigger things in life.

If career is a picture, it is composed with many different portions. Some portions are more vibrant than others.

While our jobs contribute to our career, it’s too early to make judgement on our career based on just one job.

Instead, let’s look at how we can optimize our learning from each job. Let’s look for valuable experience we can accumulate and the opportunities each presents. In that way, we have better appreciation for the purpose at every job.


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