The functions and roles of marketing are being scrutinized and questioned. Understandably so, increased complexity on the craft and introductions of new jargons do not help. Many practitioners now find it challenging to explain their roles.

Let’s go back to the basic of what the function is for, in the first place.

The marketing job was first created in the early 1900s when competitions in business intensified. As such, marketing techniques became important for any companies wanting to stand out and sell more. 

Perhaps “marketing” was coined to depict “riding” the “competitive” market.

The ultimate goal – help the company to grow in value.

This is still true today!

The role of “marketing” should be about helping company grow their value. To achieve that, the company, its brand and products must stand out from the competition and sell more.  

Naturally, here lies the accountabilities of “marketers”.

There are tactics and skillsets needed to do the job. PR, content marketing, social media marketing, performance marketing, etc are just some of them.

Likewise, ad agencies and consultants striving to be “partners” for their client should contribute towards the goals on growing value.

CMO’s Notes is a series of short reflections, inspirations and lessons from my career in marketing, comms and branding, more generally framed as “Marketing”.  M in CMO really refers to “many” as there are many roles the CMOs of today need to live up to

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