The COVID19 outbreak affects everyone around the world. The whole of humanity needs to persevere and ride this through, so you are not alone.

Some of my friends were living and working in China when the outbreak first broke out in late January 202O and I was genuinely concerned if they had masks, able to get food and help.

When it started to surface in Singapore as well, there were shock, doubts, confusions as we were all still figuring out what we need to do. I am thankful for friends who reach out to each other to help read the signs and understand the situation.

While Information and updates are useful, what helped most through the period was when someone ask “how you are doing?” and sending reminder for us to “take care”.

It’s heartwarming to know someone is thinking about you and likewise, we can do the same. It doesn’t cost us anything.

I realized that my heart miraculously filled up with love when I start giving away some.

Try it.

Think of someone you can reach out today – tell them to stay safe and take care. And if you are able, offer them a prayer.

Keep each other company as we journey through this together.

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