The COVID19 advisories mandate many of us to work and study from home.  We have to cancel events, gatherings and unnecessary travels to curb the spread of the coronavirus.

Essentially, we are all forced to rest.

All of us have more time, for me it’s at least an hour of traveling time to meetings.

I had difficulties resting, even on holidays, but I have learned to pace over the years.

My schedules are still full with to-do’s, except, those entries now include an item titled “Nothing”. These “Nothing” pockets are my pockets of mental sanity and me-time. You see, I still want to live a full life and my definition of a full life include activities that enrich me and make me happy; there are also “inactivities” of just doing nothing.

Someone of us may feel guilty about taking break, if that’s the case, just keep them short – like 15 to 30 minutes and have a couple of them.

Here are some of the activities my sanity-me-time pockets – listen to music, read a chapter of the book I have bought but not touched, stretch, drink water,  play with my dog or just space out.

Don’t check social media, news and messaging apps – because you are doing it all days anyway… Ouch!

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