I had decided to cancel my Netflix subscription after a season that started five years ago with its original reality TV series ‘Terrace House’.

The move was not influenced by the recent subscription exodus  even though I wouldn’t like more ads either.

If I have to pick any bones, it’s probably because it kept offering me the same shows that are still recycling for the last two years.

There are also more programs with darker themes.  For some reasons, I am also seeing more of its original reality TVs series carrying increasingly decadent contents.

The same factor that drew me to the platform is now a push factor.

The reality is, it no longer address my preference and it no longer deliver value for me.

While there are choices for other online streaming platforms, I am not in a hurry to get into a rebound relationship with another just yet.

Instead, I am devoting more time to reading and writing.

It’s been a week and I am doing just fine.

The morale of the story for brand:

  • Stay relevant
  • Deliver real value
  • Great product sells
  • Continue to cultivate customer love and loyalty



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