It was almost midnight…

…when I made my dash towards the McDonald situated at the mall near where I lived.

This would be my second visit for the night, as the crew had missed out on a side order for my takeout.

The shops in the mall were closed and the lights dimmed.

A grey-hair lady in her sixties was sitting at the a corner on her wheelchair, ‘busking’,  but there were hardly any pedestrians on the walkway. It was as if she had to clock her time into this late hours.

She was hard to miss – her singing was out of tune and she always sings the same song.

I walked past her again, upon collecting my missing order but I couldn’t help but stopped.


I dropped a loose note in to her tip container and asked “Why are you still here at this late hour?”

Wiping perspiration on her forehead with the back of her hand, she looked up at me.

“It’s ok, I will leave for home soon.”

“Have you had any food to eat?”

She seem embarrassed but still managed to flash a bright smile, “Well, not yet but I will probably cook myself instant noodle”

I tossed the bag of food her into her hands,  “Add this to your dinner”.

“God loves you and blesses you” I added when she said thank you.

“Jesus loves you too” she resonated.

Hopefully she sleeps better tonight knowing that God remembers her. I was grateful that God has given me a chance to deliver that blessing.

I was no longer upset that the crew at McDonald messed up my take out. In retrospect, I was glad it turned out that way.

I learned a valuable lesson that night

When things in life look like they are not going smoothly, it happens for a reason.

At that moment, it didn’t matter that my late dinner was not complete, my heart was full.

I have been humbled and now have a deep sense of respect this lady. While she may be mobility-impaired, her outlook towards life was anything but. I ought to be grateful for what I have and likewise, continuing stay optimistic in these tumultuous time filled with bad news.

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