I have noticed that when many startups receive a new batch of funding, they may make certain mistakes that could be detrimental to their growth. 

Urgency to spend

For instance, they were compelled to spend their money inefficiently on the ground of expand their business quickly. This could lead to financial mismanagement and unsustainable growth. 

Another common mistake startup made is hiring too many employees too quickly. This not only could result in higher costs, it decreased productivity, and a weaker company culture.

Some may be too quick to splurge on expensive mass marketing campaigns in an attempt to get noticed, without having a sound marketing strategy in place.

In some cases, some startups may lose sight of their original vision and get distracted by new opportunities, features, or markets.

Lack of strategic focus

To avoid these mistakes, it’s important for start-ups to have a clear strategy in place, prioritize customer satisfaction, and focus on their core product or service. 

They should also be careful not to overspend on marketing and ensure that their marketing efforts align with their business objectives. 

There is a difference between investing in marketing and unnecessary overspending. The real irony is when many of the startups are bootstrapping their business at the start where they ought to be accountable with their expenditure. 

Sound marketing strategy is lacking in many instances. For companies who do not know how to spend responsibly. This is where they need to hire experienced hands and prudent practices. 

Get strategic guidance

As a marketing advisor, I would introduce necessary disciplines to help start-ups and scale-ups allocate their funds to be more aligned with their strategic focus. Having a sound marketing strategy and building the right capability that supports the business objectives is what matter.


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